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Does your casual Friday outfit always look the same? Those age-old jeans paired with the first tee you pull out the drawer that doesn’t need ironing – likely circa 2008. We feel you. Staying stylish when dressing casual can be tough, especially for us fellas.

A big part of men’s fashion is looking ‘put together’, and this can be a struggle for the modern working man. The trick, guys, is to look like you’re well put together, without actually trying too hard. The simple solution? A great shirt. Guess what? There’s more to shirts than just the monthly boardroom meeting.

So just how exactly can you start to shun the tees and incorporate shirts into your casual wardrobe? We’ve found 5 ways to change up your shirt to give it a casual twist:

Casual with a twist Casual with a twist

1. Roll Up the Sleeves

Don’t be too particular about it. Just roughly roll the sleeves to above the elbow for an instantly casual look. Team with slim jeans or chinos, and use your footwear to set the tone for the outfit. For brunch with the family, try a canvas leisure shoe, and for drinks with your mates, a brogue or loafer will suit.

2. Layer Away

For ultimate in relaxed weekend casual, leave all your buttons open and layer your shirt with a long or short sleeved tshirt underneath – just be sure the colours don’t clash! This style works with a baggier jean and a casual, comfy shoe – ideal for lazy days.

3. Go Untucked

Sometimes just untucking your shirt and losing the tie is all it takes to nail the casual look. Keep your slacks and loafers, but let your shirt fall untucked. To avoid looking scruffy, save this cheat for a more tailored, fitted shirt from your collection. The aim is to look relaxed and effortless, not like a busker.

4. Show Off Some Chest

If you’re working on snagging a date, this is your opportunity to show off some skin (joking, obviously!) But, skipping your top three or four buttons can dress down an ordinarily smart shirt. For summer, you may like to show off your chest, and team your open shirt with some shorts and a straw hat. In winter, opt for an underlayer – just a long sleeved top in a neutral colour will do. Pair this combo with a relaxed pair of jeans and smart brown shoes.

5. Add a Jumper

Release your Adam’s apple from the wrath of the top button, untuck from your slacks and throw a jumper over your shirt. Fix up the collar so it doesn’t look like you got dressed in the dark, and your shirt takes on a whole new lease of life. To dress down even further, lose the slacks and opt for chinos.

Small changes to how you wear something as simple as a shirt can give you endless outfit possibilities – who knew?! Next time you’re struggling for a casual look, think beyond the standard jeans and tshirt and get creative with your shirts. Part of building a capsule wardrobe is understanding what works together and how best to leverage each item’s potential. That’s why we’re here – your free stylists at Kent and Lime.

Need more pieces for your capsule wardrobe? Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll hook you up with one of our stylists online. They’ll get to know you, and send you some pieces they think will look sharp. We admit it, we make mistakes sometimes, and that’s why you can send back anything you don’t like. It’s all about finding your style and getting comfortable with it. Don’t be shy, we can take it!

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