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Fresh from the stages of British X Factor, Harry Styles was propelled to fame in 2010 as part of One Direction. Despite having built up a reputation as a ladies man from a modest age, Harry Styles didn’t begin attracting attention from anyone aside from teenage girls until a few years later. Now, to the untrained eye, Harry Styles appears to be a too-cool-for-school indie god. He gradually adopted the mysterious confidence and nonchalance of a seasoned rocker, despite spending his days pumping out pop beats from behind an auto-tuned mic. Here’s how to get Harry’s style (get it?!) without the catchy love songs.

Black on Black

A lover of black, Harry is regularly spotted donning the staple shade from head to toe. A far cry from his squeaky clean preppy days on the X Factor, Harry creates that lean silhouette that gives the perfect level of “I live off of cigarettes and alcohol” – a must-have for any wannabe rockstar. Try a black blazer with a super skinny jean, black shirt and a smart boot for when you need to look a little slick. For the ultimate Harry hat-tip, unbutton your shirt as far as you dare, exposing a modest chest and some man jewellery. For more casual days, a baggy black tee is your best mate, finished off with a festival-ready, wide-brimmed hat – shaggy hair optional.


Never the trend-hound, Harry does his own thing when it comes to prints. His sublime ability to blend ‘dapper gent’ with ‘carefree rockstar’ has seen him sporting everything from floral two-piece suits to 80s Americana bandanas and leopard print t-shirts. Be sure to ease these into your wardrobe, though, and pair with unassuming items. Sneak a jazzy print tee under your black autumn jacket, or slide a bandana around your bicep at your next gig or lads night. Use Harry’s playful love of prints as an accent to a monochromatic look for the all-time rocker edge.

Harry Styles Outfit Harry Styles Outfit

Man Jewellery

We touched on this earlier, but it’s these accessories that’ll get you nailing the look. Keep your peepers open for rugged, vintage looking chains with indie-style pendants. Avoid anything too shiny – we’re all about the dirt. Your open chest will tell tales of your wild rocker nights. To show off your bling, try a deep-V slub t-shirt in an off-black hue, or leave little to the imagination by opting for an almost-feminine, baggy blouse with one-too-many buttons undone. You’ll subtly reveal your chains for a backstage party feel.

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