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Known for his mischievous smile and rugged arrogance, Steve McQueen was the wonder boy of 60s and 70s Hollywood. His roles in The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair and Magnificent Seven earned him a place in the enviable males club, and his nonchalant style soon followed. His no-nonsense approach to dressing was popular with the ladies – he was certainly a classic, vintage bad boy, which didn’t go unnoticed with the men, either. McQueen was unsurprisingly coined the ‘King of Cool’, as a result of his not-too-considered image and ultra-hip attitude. Here’s three easy ways to emulate the Steve McQueen look in your outfits:

1. Double Denim

One of the few able to rock a double denim without looking like he belonged in a crooner’s village folk band, McQueen was able to pull off a short-sleeved denim shirt tucked into jeans in a matching hue with sublime confidence. If you’re not so sure, try a mid-blue, well-washed jean with a darker indigo shirt. You’ll mirror the double denim aesthetic without risking being mistaken for a member of B*Witched. Alternatively, focus on the denim shirting, and pair with a darker black jean and tan accessories.

2. Turtleneck + Blazer

A sure fire smart-casual hack of the 60s, the turtleneck + blazer combo was every discerning gent’s go-to – and Steve McQueen embraced it at every opportunity. A deep navy or black turtleneck snuggled beneath a richly textured blazer was the order of the day back then. For a contemporary twist, try a less dramatic neckline, like a crew neck; essentially, anything that’s not too wide. The high neck ramps up the old-time, vintage tailoring aesthetic. Wear under a slim-fit, textured blazer or jacket, or even a structured shirt for a more casual iteration.

Steve McQueen Look Steve McQueen Look

3. Jeans + T-shirt

The ultimate icon of nonchalance: the jeans and t-shirt combo. It may be simple, but Steve McQueen’s denim choices certainly turned heads. For the perfect copycat style, skip your skinnies and find a straight leg, light wash jean, and pair with a perfectly fitted white t-shirt. Shop around to find one that hugs the shoulder, caresses the bicep and flatters your torso for a premium look. The true beauty of Steve’s enduring style allows you to adapt each element to suit your personality, and give it a Hollywood icon edge.


To seal the deal on these three McQueen-inspired looks, you’ll need the signature accessories. A sign of the times was Steve’s footwear; often a desert or chukka style boot in tan suede. Undeniably comfortable, once you’ve got a pair of these, you’ll never want to take them off. And luckily, they’ve shone in the contemporary fashion arena of late, favoured by the likes of Paul Smith, Tod’s and Bottega Veneta. You can finish off your Steve McQueen look with his trademark sunglasses, the Persol 714. Inherently McQueen, these unique shades will tie together each element and help you channel your inner Hollywood anti-hero.

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