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A far cry from his days of hitting the Disney high notes in the High School Musical franchise, Zac Efron has clawed his way out of his teen boy knapsack and into the embodiment of the stylish modern gent. Having spent his fair share of time receiving fashion media hat-tips from the likes of GQ – and now Kent & Lime – it’s no wonder he’s made it into our Becoming the Icon series. Here’s how to channel your inner Efron, and to be clear, we mean post 2010 Efron. No baseball jersey required.

Smart Zac Efron outfits

Zac has switched the spring fling for the red carpet, and boy has he learned a thing or two about style in the process. Often seen sporting his signature grey get-up, his contemporary twist on a sartorial classic is what sends him soaring to the top of the style icon ranks. Try a 3 piece slim-fit ensemble in a deep shade of grey, paired with a brown or black dress shoe and modern accessories. A skinny tie finishes off that squeaky-clean, heart throb look. When a full suit is off the cards, a pair of slacks with a brogue or loafer is your go-to. Neatly tuck a fitted shirt with rolled sleeves, ditch the tie and ring in the weekend in the ultimate TGIF guise.

Casual Zac Efron outfits

Zac’s textbook good looks extend off-duty, too. Regularly spotted working a chambray shirt while effortlessly swerving around Cali on a skateboard, there’s several laid-back style notes we can take inspiration from here. Favouring the black skinny jean over lighter washes, the Efron silhouette expresses his well-built physique and Hollywood sculpting.

Choose a cut to suit your shape, erring on the slimmer side to boost your icon rating, and then select your footwear accordingly. A high-shine black boot gives welcomes a grown-up twist to the east coast party boy look – perfect for smart-casual workwear or occasion wear – while come the weekend, you’ll reach for your comfiest white sneakers for after hours dress-down style. Up top, frame your Efron-worthy silhouette with well-cut monochrome t-shirts and short sleeved shirts. Denim or fine prints will have your outfit whistling the Disney star’s tune in no time.

Use separates to your advantage, and strike a clear contrast between your upper palette and lower palette. Yes, this does unfortunately mean you’ll need to learn a thing or two about colour matching – red and green belong on Christmas trees and nowhere else. But, that’s where our online stylists can help you.

Zac Efron Casual Zac Efron Casual

Summer Zac efron style

The all-American poster boy is no stranger to a little sun – stay tuned for the Baywatch remake, just sayin’. Find diversity in your summer style portfolio by emulating Zac’s use of bright colours and playful prints. Trying a more daring palette will brighten up your summer barbecues, but play it safe with cuts and shapes. Keep your signature chino and shirt ensemble – it’s totally failsafe – but opt for a more buoyant bottom half. Tone it down up top, or vice versa, and you’re well on your way to Hollywood pool party cool. Now, where’s Vanessa Hudgens?

At Kent & Lime, we want men to embrace their style and get creative with their wardrobe. Our online stylists will chat to you about your personality, image and what you love. If you’ve got a celebrity whose look you’re keen to copy, don’t be shy! We’ll send you a personalised box of clothes and accessories to give your style an overhaul. Simply try them on at home, keep what you love and send back what you don’t. Once you’ve decided, we’ll settle the bill. It’s easy, smart male styling, without the stuffy change rooms and awkward store assistant. At last!

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