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If you’re a naturally slim build, finding clothes that don’t drown your frame can be tricky – especially if you’re not familiar with how colours and patterns appear to the eye. Slim builds are defined clinically as ectomorphic. You’ve likely got a pretty solid metabolism – you lucky dog – but finding clothes that don’t look like it’s been borrowed from your dad, that’s tough. Don’t sweat. We’ve got you covered with these three styling tips for skinny guys.

Skinny guys style Skinny guys style

1. Really think about the fit

Lots of skinny guys fall victim to the notion that big clothes = big guy, and they head down to their local Myer and load up on as many medium sized t-shirts they can convince themselves they fit into. The result: a frame engulfed by fabric, and an accentuated slim physique. Nobody wants to rock the ‘intern-on-his-first-day’ look, sealed only by the signature baggy business shirt, tucked in and billowing over your belt.

Take the time to find brands that actually fit your frame. Your wife might insist on repeatedly asking you if she looks fat in her outfits, but you, buddy, are actually looking for the sort of bulking she thinks she sees. Many brands offer slimmer styles, which will avoid the extra fabric that tends to gather between your shoulder blades, around the shoulder and armpit, and across your middle. Sourcing styles that trace the shape of your frame without drowning or hugging it is the key to finding the perfect fit.

2. Find fabrics that bulk

Following the same rules about fit, next consider the fabrics you’re choosing. Cooler months are the skinny guy’s season of choice, as chunky knits and textured tweeds on the agenda. The beefier the fabric, the easier it is to create the illusion that you’ve spent hours pumping iron at the gym. Walk around smugly clutching a protein shaker for additional emphasis, if you like.

Thick jumpers that subtly trace your silhouette are going to be your go-to, and a complementary neckline will score extra points. We’re talking a relaxed roll neck, or cowl neck if you can pull it off. Disclaimer: few can. Choose wisely. Open-neck knits with chunky buttons also lend themselves to slighter frames, as do tweed jackets and textured scarves. Avoid fine knits and anything with too much elastane content with a tendency to cling.

3. Play on the eye

It’s actually pretty incredible what tricks you can pull with fashion, purely based on what the eye of the observer is capable of. For example, it’s no secret that horizontal stripes broaden and bulk. That doesn’t mean you have to fetch that woolen catastrophe that Nonna knitted you 5 years ago – you can incorporate muscley stripes with nautical Breton styles and more subtle horizontal colour blocking.

Onlookers can also be fooled into thinking you’re masking a keen set of guns by using structure to alter your silhouette. Blazers, sports jackets and suit separates can all broaden your shoulders and bulk out your chest – but be wary of sizing up. We’re not trying to recreate the image of you in your father’s work suit from when you were five. Yep, your mum is still passing it round the office on her tea break. Find styles that gently elevate your frame rather than swamp. You’ll ditch your likeness to Michael Sera for good. Score! (Sorry Michael, we love you really!)

At Kent & Lime, we believe men should be empowered by fashion, not afraid of it. We’re here to help you find clothes that suit your style and personality, and make you feel confident in your own skin. Simply connect online with one of our team, tell us about your shape, style and any problems you have with sourcing great fits, and we’ll send you a curated box of great items from some of our favourite brands. Keep what you love, and send back what you don’t. It’s kind of like one giant dressing room, but in your own home. Genius.

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