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Tall guys, we feel you. You’ve probably been a few inches taller than average for your age since you were in grade 2, and no family member has ever let you live it down. “Gosh, Martin, haven’t you got tall”, squealed auntie Julie at every possible moment. As if you hadn’t realised you were towering over all your mates and exuding a genuine concern that altitude sickness may plague you for life.

And now, decades later, you’ve found yourself in search of outfits that don’t accentuate your long frame and make people wonder whether or not you’re on stilts.

We’re here to break it down.

Tall guy outfit Tall guy outfit

What makes tall guys look even taller?

Here’s the technical bit. If you’re a tall guy, there’s a good chance that either your legs or your torso are responsible for your extra inches. This often creates an unbalanced frame, and your limbs might also be whistling their own tune when it comes to distribution of body mass. These long areas of your body – limbs, neck and torso in particular – create vertical lines that are observed by the eye as excess length. The key to masking height with clothing, is to break up these lines. Mind blown yet?

How do I mask my height?

One word: blocking. Colour blocking, texture blocking, fabric blocking – block all of it. For the sartorial freshman, blocking refers to using contrasting colours, texture and fabrics in large proportions. Essentially, don’t stick to dark, matchy-matchy colour palettes. It creates fluidity in your look and lengthens your silhouette even more. Not the aim of the exercise.

Use separates to your advantage, and strike a clear contrast between your upper palette and lower palette. Yes, this does unfortunately mean you’ll need to learn a thing or two about colour matching – red and green belong on Christmas trees and nowhere else. But, that’s where our online stylists can help you.

Can any colours make me look shorter?

You’ve likely heard the age-old tale that black is slimming – why do you think women go crazy over an LBD?! It’s actually true, as it masks shadows and folds in fabric, creating a longer, leaner silhouette – exactly what we tall blokes want to avoid. At the other end of the spectrum, white actually accentuates width and adds bulk. If long, lanky legs are your concern, white pants can minimise the lengthy appearance, while giving a subtle hat-tip to the Mediterranean aesthetic of Cannes and Monaco. Bonus. If white is just a little too Wham for you, all pastels do a fair job at bulking and masking length, so opt for paler shirts if your long torso is proving a problem.

Still confused? Our team of stylists know how to use fashion to accentuate and conceal your best and worst features. Dive in and order one of our Kent & Lime kits. Chat to one of our stylists, tell us about your height, style and the type of looks you want to master, and we’ll send you a box of items to try – and of course, give you some top tips on styling for tall guys. Try your gear on at home, keep what you love, and send us back what you don’t. Easy!

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